Two Hearts, One Family
My husband Mark and I along with Kurt and Kathleen Olsen received DNA confirmation today (May 4th) that our girls, Molly Jacoby and Karissa Olsen (Page 2 of the Fulingers' Album) are in fact fraternal twins.

It is difficult to know where to start other than the beginning.Over a year ago Julianne Briggs (another Fu Mom & Director of FKI) e-mailed me and said, "Have you noticed how much Molly looks like Karissa Olsen?" We exchanged e-mails, we exchanged pictures, we exchanged the  "not in a million years" thought, but in the end the impossible was possible.
I sent several pictures to the Olsen's last fall and Kathleen replied, "Well except for the fact that Karissa has an overbite I don't see any significant differences at all."  I chuckled, fired off an e-mail to her and said, "Well if that is the only difference, there is no difference, because Molly has a 30% overbite from sucking her thumb." The Olsens then e-mailed and said, "Okay we have to see you guys and we are coming to Disney World." Sounds like a commercial I've heard before!  They flew to Orlando in February and after a very restless night, butterflies all morning, we finally knocked on the door of their condo. We all tried not to "stare" but to absorb what we were seeing. Two girls that were not identical, but amazingly the same...same mouth, same smile, same petite body, same little voice.  The voice was what was so startling. One girl raised in Washington and one raised in Alabama and now central Florida. How could they sound so much alike?

That meeting led us to the conclusion that we had to know or better yet we had to know for our girls. There was no turning back, because we knew that we had an obligation as parents to know what these girls deserved to know for sure. Today the call came to me and I in turn called Kathleen. She summed it up best when she said, "Oh I wish you were not so far away because I want to just hug you I am so happy!"  Kurt even added more to the feelings when he told Kathleen that they had wanted twins, but had actually gained more, a whole new family. We share their feelings and feel doubly blessed to not only have found Molly's twin, but to also have an extended family in the Olsens.

There are so many little miracles and ultimate divine grace that makes these events real today. Karissa and Molly were brought into the orphanage a month a part, but they share the same birthdate (4/12/00). Both families received their referrals on the same day, but arrived in China a few weeks apart. We also live about as far apart as we possibly could in the contiguous continental states.

We, however, were blessed with a wonderful website to post our pictures. Without the website that Kathlene Postma does for us this would have never happened, without Julianne Briggs intuition we may have never noticed the resemblence and without all the miracles we will never identify these girls would have never found one another. It is a journey with no road map and a miracle not yet complete and without ending.

We are all feeling very blessed, very amazed and certainly grateful for the gift of this blessing. As those of you with children from China know, the possibility of this ever happening is not something you think about or even consider.  It just simply happened. We, of course, don't think the orphanage had any idea and the girls were probably never even in close physical contact for anyone to even suspect. They were too young, too bundled in layers of clothes for anyone to say, "Hey, Do you think....?"; That miracle was left to Julianne....our newly appointed God mother to them both!

Kurt Olsen has posted pictures of our meeting in February and you can see them at Click on the girls on the couch and go from there. Molly is on the left with longer hair and Karissa is on the right. As you can tell, they knew they had found one another again and did not need DNA to answer what they must have known.

Oh what a day! Now if the Olsen's would just call and tell me they are moving to Orlando :-)

Shelia Jacoby on behalf of Kurt, Kathleen, Karissa, and Kieren Olsen; and of course the rest of my crew:
DH: Mark
DS: Blake (7)
DD: Molly (Fu De Dong)
Molly (left) & Karissa (right) meet for the first time since they were babies.  Their families followed a hunch and brought them together.
"In the end, the impossible was possible."
by Fu mom Sheila Jacoby
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