A view of the Yangtze River from one of the bridges in Fuling. 
(Photo courtesy of Fuling parents Kathleen & Kurt Olsen.)
Before crossing the New Suspension Bridge into Fuling. Photo by Fuling parent Kim Wall.
Fuling Today
Two hundred thousand people live in Fuling proper, although the total population in the area exceeds 2 million.   Until a few years ago, traffic in and out of the city, particularly in the direction of Chongqing City, was almost exclusively by boat, a six to seven hour trip.  A new highway, three hours by car from Chongqing, has opened Fuling more extensively to travelers and commerce.  Few foreigners have visited.  For several years the Peace Corps has assigned volunteers to the Fuling Teachers' College. (Click here to check out a web diary of one workers stay there! Great photos too!) The outlying landscape of the city is mountainous, argricultural, fairly temperate (although hot in summer!) and gorgeous.   Most people living in the area are farmers.

The Three Gorges Dam will change Fuling, but much of the city will remain above the raised water line when the Dam is completed.  The Fuling Social Welfare will not be affected.
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Around Fuling
. Fuling
Where is Fuling?
Fuling is situated along the Yangtze (or Changjiang) River in what until the late 20th century was part of Sichuan Province but is now the Chongqing Municipality, an autonomous region set apart to accomodate the construction of the Three Gorges Dam Project. Sichuan is known for it's fertile earth, generous growing season and mountainous inaccessibility (until recently) to the rest of the world.  Many Sichuanese call their province "Heaven on Earth," because of  it's food and beauty.

The Wujiang River, which merges with the Changjiang River (Yangtze) at Fuling, was called "Fu Water."   This location was once heavily marked by tombs belonging to the Ba kingdom, including several kings.  The Chinese word for tomb is "Lingmu."  Fu and Ling were eventually joined together to identify this political and cultural center of the Ba.  It was formed as the officially recognized "Fu State" in the first year of the Tang Dynasty (CE 618), although there have been people living along the rivers there since the Stone Age. 
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A woman on the street in Fuling shows off her baby to new Fuling international families. (above).  A dancing troup takes a break in Fuling (left).   Photos by Fuling mom Kim Wall.  See more of Kim's and other parents' photos in the Exchange.  If you have photos of Fuling, please consider sharing them on this service!