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Fuling Recipe You Can Make at Home

This is  favorite dish in the Chongqing region because of the speed with which you can make it and the way in which the zhacai, or pickled vegetables/mustard, flavor the pork.  Zhacai are one of the primary crops from the Fuling area.  The Wu Jiang (or Wu River) brand of these pickled vegetables are available in most major Asian markets and grocers in cities throughout the world.   They come in small, foil packets and in three intensities (mild, medium, and hot).   Ask at the store and we're confident you'll find them.

A couple little Fulingers we know love this dish, and their parents love it even more!   Best on rice or asian noodles, the amount below makes enough for one side dish.   (Or just enough for you to try it to see if you want to double or triple it next time!)

Zhacai and Pork

The measurements and descriptions below are provided by our loyal Fuling Auntie Huang Ying.  She warns that most people in China don't use formal measurements when they cook, so you might have to make adjustments!  We've done the best we can with amounts.   You can use a wok or a frying pan to prepare.


cooking oil
1 packet of Fuling picled vegtables (zhacai)
2 tsps soy sauce
1 tsp cooking wine (red or white)
1 and 1/2 tsp corn starch
1 spring onion, chopped
1/2 tsp. fresh ginger, minced
1/3 pound or 150 grams lean pork, finely sliced
dash of sugar
1 tsp. sesame oil


In a bowl, mix sliced pork with soy sauce, cooking wine, and corn starch.  Set aside.

Chop green onion, separating white part from green.  Mince ginger. 

Heat cooking oil in wok or fry pan until you can feel the heat with palm of your hand about six inches above the pan.  Put in ginger and the white part of the green onion, stirring rapidly until you can smell them cooking.  Add pork, stirring until it is about 80% cooked.

Put in one bag of pickled vegetables (zhacai).  Stir.  Add sugar and continue to stir.

When you can smell that the pickled vegetables and pork are cooked, turn off the heat and stir in the green portion of the spring onion and the sesame oil.  Serve on rice or noodles.


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