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  Photos to Celebrate
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Fulingers' Album  Children around the world who were adopted from Fuling.    New Referrals and New Sibs, too!

Fu Family Photo Exchange Many photos of the orphanage and surrounding Fuling community.  These are generously donated by families who have adopted from Fuling or received a referral for a child from Fuling.  The password is available to Fuling families only.

Cover Kids Want to submit your Fulinger's photo for the FKI homepage and Fulingers' online album?  Send her or his photo, first name, name given in Fuling, and month/year home to








The Fu heart and hands logos on the FKI site are by photographer and Fu Mom Randi Heimert, who tells us:

These photos are inspired by a poem I sing to my daughter Taylor (Fu De Ping) almost every night at bed time. It's called I See the Moon and the Moon Sees Me. The last lines of the poem are:
    I had a heart as good as new,
    now it's gone and belongs to you.
    Take care of it as I have done,
    for you have two and I have none.

Those are Taylor's hands holding the glass heart in the photos.

You can buy note cards with this and other beautiful Fuling Kids images from the FKI online store! Proceeds go to FKI's projects to help the waiting children.



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