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Homecoming 2008 in Fuling
November 22 to 29, 2008

Forty-four Children adopted from Fuling and their families returned to China for a week-long celebration. This special heritage included three days of events in Fuling.  Returning kids played with babies at the new orphanage and visited "the matching room" in Beijing.  This was also a farewell to Director Yang, who is retiring, and to the original orphanage, which will no longer be a first home for children.   




September 22, 2008 was last day to register!

                             READ the BLOGS families kept on the trip.  See the great pix!

From Beijing Fun to a  "Welcome Home" in Fuling

This is a big year for the orphanage. The staff are inviting Fuling families and children adopted from Fuling to share in this major milestone: The move to the new, beautiful location on a green hillside where the children will have fresh air and the best living conditions possible. The celebration is to have a special focus on children who have been adopted from Fuling.

The personal invitation, extended to Fuling Families from Director Yang and the Bridge of Love Adoption Service (BLAS), includes a visit for Fulingers to Beijing for a tour of the matching room at CCAA, a calligraphy lesson,  tour of a hutong by rickshaw and a visit to the Great Wall. Then on to Chongqing, where children can visit the zoo and their parents will have the opportunity to view their children's complete files at the Civil Affairs office.


A Returning Fulinger Plays with Babies

The party in Fuling will include a grand welcome home for our children and a stay of three days. All sorts of activities are being discussed, including giving our children the opportunity to see favorite nannies, play with the waiting babies, learn some Kong Fu moves from a master, and take a trip to the countryside to meet farm families. Our children will be the honored guests for the moving ceremony, which will be attended by representatives from the CCAA in Beijing, television crews, and friends of the orphanage. This is planned to be a celebration for our children, and there is much excitement whirling around this event.

Director Yang, who will be retiring next February, tells us the original orphanage will be kept permanently as a place for our children to always visit, in honor of the over 1600 adoptees who were cared for there before joining their families. However, it will no longer be home to children. This is a great opportunity to say goodbye to this chapter of our children's lives and to Director Yang.


No Borders

Fuling Kids International is a not-for-profit association of families and friends devoted to our children from Fuling and their first home in China.  Fu families live in the United States, Canada, Australia, China, Sweden, France, Spain, Ireland, England, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Iceland!

Bridge of Love Adoption Service (BLAS) specializes in heritage tours for children adopted from China and will handle all travel plans and interpreting for families during the entire journey.

Please put this special event on your personal radar, with a mental reminder that September 22 will be the last day to register.

The Bridge of Love Adoption Service (BLAS), licensed by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China, is a nonprofit organization which provides specific adoption-related services including foreign adoption consulting, adoption dossier translation, adoption tour and root-seeking tour reception.  China Welfare Institution Travel Service of BLAS is licensed by the State Travel and Tourism Administation.

BLAS website:  

Contact:  Cecelia, Tony or Lisa Telephone: 8610-63527477

Fuling Homecoming 2008 Itinerary
November 22 Arrive in Beijing, check in at the hotel and take a rest
November 23 Morning Visit CCAA, and welcoming party at BLAS
Afternoon Visit Tian’an Men Square and take Hutong trip by rickshaw
November 24 Morning Learn Tai-Chi at a local park and tour to the Great Wall
Afternoon Go to Chongqing by air
November 25 Morning Visit Chongqing Adoption Registration Center and check files
Afternoon See Pandas at the zoo
November 26 Morning Drive to Fuling, visit the original orphanage, meet caretakers and play with the waiting babies
Afternoon Volunteers help moving work, others visit a Buddhist temple, afterwards visit a local school and learn some Kongfu moves inside, and kids play kites at the Youth Plaza before dinner
November 27 Morning Moving Ceremony
Afternoon Visit Fuling Preserved Vegetable Factory and shop freely at a market afterwards
November 28 Morning A tour to the countryside and have some local food for lunch
Afternoon Farewell ceremony at Fuling SWI
November 29 Morning Fly to Beijing and transfer home

Adult: $922.00 each.  Reserves half a hotel room, to be shared by another adult and/or child.  Each hotel room has two beds.

Child:  $633.00 each.  Reserves half a hotel room or second bed in hotel room.

Child:  $555.00 (For child accompanying two adults or an adult and another child.  No rollway or second bed requested.)

The price includes 4-star hotels in Beijing, Chongqing and Fuling with breakfast, airfares for Beijing-Chongqing-Beijing with airport tax, activities as per itinerary, lunch and dinner daily, bilingual guides, bus service, special souvenirs, etc.   Price does not include transport from home country to Beijing.


You can contact julianne@fulingkids.org for registration forms and the option to order online.

Fuling Kids International  Love Has No Borders

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