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We tend with heart to orphanage needs and foster a community for children adopted from Fuling, China

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Fulingers' Online Album  Include your child.  Once a year this album is printed and sent for sake keeping to the Orphanage's Library in Fuling.

Was your child in FKI's First Hugs or Foster Care Programs?   Check and request her or his reports.

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Was your child in Foster Care or the First Hugs program?

If your child was "enrolled" in either FKI sponsored program at the orphanage, FKI will send you their reports.  

Foster care reports available date back to the year 2004.  If your child was possibly in foster care that year or later, contact amelia@fulingkids.org.   Be sure to include in your request child's Fuling name, birth date and your email address.

First Hugs reports date back to April, 2005.   If your child could have been in enrolled in the program then or later, contact jenoys@fulingkids.org.  Be sure to include in your request child's Fuling name, birth date and your email address.

In some cases children were enrolled in both programs!  Be sure to check on both if those dates are consistent with when your child was at the swi.

Another Happy Story for  Sibs from Fuling:

TWINS!  Karissa & Molly:
Two Hearts, One Family


Taylor (Fu De Ping) and Iris (Fu Hui Liu) 

Sisters Find
Each Other

Two Fuling Adoptive Families Grow as Biological Sisters Are United

"When I received an e-mail from my good friend Amelia Mowery, I never expected our life to change forever. But it did..."

Story by Randi Heimert, Mother of Taylor (Fu De Ping)



Amelia, who was putting together FKI's retirement gift for Director Yang Peishu at the Fuling orphanage, had received a photograph of two little girls who were adopted from Fuling. The McLean family sent the photograph of their daughters, Iris and Lily, to be included in a digital frame showing children adopted from Fuling.   Amelia could not believe how much one of the girls, Iris, looked like my daughter Taylor, also adopted from Fuling.

I decided to contact the McLean family and ask to see more photos of Iris. After lots of photo exchanges and after lots of "could it be possible," we decided to have Iris' and Taylor's DNA tested.

After weeks of waiting and long talks with our girls, the results came on Valentine's day: Taylor and Iris are biological sisters. Just 15 months apart, Taylor will be 8 in August and Iris will be 7 in November.

This last week, the girls met for the first time when the Mclean family flew in from California to stay with the Heimert family in Chicago. The girls bonded immediately and acted just like the sisters that they are, swimming together, playing together and telling each other stories.

It was amazing to witness. Not only did Taylor gain Iris as a sister, but both the Heimerts and McLeans gained an extended family. Iris has two sisters, Lily (Fuling) and Violet (Chongqing). Taylor has a brother Dylan and two older sisters, Lauren and Alison. We never know what life has in store for us, but for the McLean and Heimert families, this has truly been a blessing.

The Heimert and McLean families happily linked by Taylor and Iris (2nd and 3rd from left)

Fuling Kids International 

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