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Fuling Kids Family Directory
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All members of the directory receive a free copy, with a listing of over 600 Fuling families (and counting) around the world.  Great for play dates, gatherings, and showing your Fulinger all the places in the world her or his Fuling friends live! 

All information included within the directory is for family use and informal contact only.  Fuling families protect each other's privacy.

Sign on by October 15 to get the next issue!




Child's Name 

Child's Original Orphanage-Given Name   i.e. Fu Le Ying

Child's Birthdate 

Adoption Date


Parent(s) Name(s)

Address   (including country and zip code) 



Names of Siblings 

Or send an email with the information (in the order above) to amelia@fulingkids.org



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