I Love You Like Crazy Cakes

Over the Moon

Shaoey and Dot

I Bet She Called Me Sugar Plum

Little Miss Spider

A Mother for Choco

A Blessing from Above

All Together Now

Families Are Forever

Mommy Far, Mommy Near

Twice Upon a Time, Born and Adopted

Love's Journey
(Although written for adults, the photos and and personal stories in this soon-to-be published book on adoption from China will be fascinating and important for our kids. Some of the children featured were adopted from Fuling.)

The White Swan Express

The Day We Met You

The Mulberry Bird

Kids Like Me in China

Liane (from Chengdu) was just two when we first told her our family story. It was ten sentences long. It evolved with the many tellings. Some nights the story was cut short--"What was in my suitcase?" she would ask. She loved to hear the long list of items that we packed just for her.

Then one day something changed. "Did you pack tissues for my tears?" she asked, for she knew that she missed her foster/"night night" mama.  We had told her she had sad tears for many days, while her new mama and baba had happy tears for our new family.

One and a half years later, I was overwhelmed with emotion when I saw Liane gazing at her baby sister Keri (from Fuling) in a crib and starting to tell her her story. It was essentially Liane's story modified to reflect that she, and her mom and dad, wanted to adopt a second baby/a little sister. It was quite an experience to hear that little voice tell such an important story so early on.

Wilma Chu
mom to Liane age five and Keri (Fuling) age 2.5


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