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The Chongqing Fuling
First Social Welfare Institute
"Love Has No Borders"
One of the baby rooms. Photo by parents Doug Hutchings & Patricia Ostrenga.
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View from one of the baby sleeping rooms. Photo by parent Bruce Austin.
Babies in playroom. Photo by parent Cindy Tucker.
Baby crib with warm bedding. Photo by parent Jen Grecco.
Caregivers prepare formula for babies. Photo by parent Jolanda Siemonsma
Baby socks hanging to dry. Photo by parent Bruce Austin.
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The Lily Orphan Care Center
Located within the Chongqing Fuling Social Welfare Institute, the LOCC includes12  baby & toddler"apartments" or combined sleep and playrooms, a clinic with incubators and other medical equipment, balconies and open air spaces, bathing rooms, and cooking rooms.  It is a modern, clean facility that helps the caring staff keep conditions for the children hygienic, affectionate, and playful. 
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