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The Chongqing Fuling
First Social Welfare Institute
Home to all of our Fuling Kids before July of 2002, the cramped, original SWI building had three "baby rooms" with cribs, a bathing station to help keep the children clean, and a courtyard, part of which was covered from the sun.  The warmth and generosity of the staff helped to make up for the limitations in a facillity that quickly became too small and inefficent for the number of children under its care.  In less than five years, beginning in 1998, the SWI has gone from housing no children to home to over 400, almost all girls who are infants and toddlers.   

This rather small city in China is the first chapter we have in the story of our children's lives.  We cherish the photos of the "old" building and applaud all the new building offers--sanitary conditions, excellent medical care (with equipment lovingly donated by Fuling Families!), and a warm vibrant place for the children to play. 

For all Fuling SWI children, no matter which building they've slept, ate, and played in or whether they've made it to the arms of adoptive parents, theirs is a story that keeps getting better.  
We're honored to watch it grow and to be able to share these photos with our kids.
"Love Has No Borders"
About the Institute, Pre July, 2002, and Why It Remains Close to So Many of Our Hearts!
"They really did the best they could and made the most of what they had for the babies!" --Kathleen Olsen, mom to Karissa, after her visit to the Social Welfare Institute in May of 2001 .  The photos on this page are courtesy of Kathleen and her husband Kurt.
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The courtyard before the addition of the Lily Orphan Care Center in July, 2002.
The "Old" Fuling Orphanage
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