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Director Yang Peishu holds twins in front of some of the new baby bedding donated to the SWI by Fuling Families through Fuling Kids International!
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Assistant Director Chen and Fuling International Daughter, Olivia DeQuan.  Photo courtesy of Fuling mom Andi Arndt.
At the Fuling SWI Young and Old Help Each Other. Photo (above) courtesty of Fuling dad Peter Grace.   Photo (left) courtesy of Michael Burkhardt, father to Fuling International daughter Elizabeth Burkhardt (shown with SWI "grandma")
The Chongqing Fuling
First Social Welfare Institute
"Love Has No Borders"
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Caregiver Ran Longying  and Fuling International Daughter Lili Wall.  Photo by Lili's mom Kim Wall.
Caregivers and staff prepare to place babies in their waiting parents' arms. Photo by parent Jenoys Usher.
This is a loving, dedicated, and large staff of over 50 (as there are over 250 children in their charge!) who take great pleasure in the kids.  "We love our work," Director Yang Peishu says.
The Staff and the Children
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