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The "Old" Orphanage
The Chongqing Fuling
First Social Welfare Institute
"Love Has No Borders"
Caregivers & Children at the Lily Orphan Care Center.  Photo courtesty of the Stock-Bordnick family
Our Promise to the Children:
Children are the Most Important.
We Treasure Them.
Treat Them Equally.
Care for Them with Love
And in an Educated Way.
Photo by parents Michael Burkhardt & Marlene O'Neil
Sign (with translation)at the Lily Orphan Care Center
The Lily Orphan Care Center
The Lily Orphan Care Center, built at the site of the original orphanage, was provided by Chinese Children's Charities, an American-based non-profit. CCC also provides support staff as well as medical and child development training for the caregivers.  There are currently over 250 babies and toddlers being cared for at the Lily Orphan Care Center, and about one hundred of those are in foster care. Approximately 16 children over the age of three live at orphanage.  The Fuling Social Welfare Institute is also home to children with disabilities and senior citizens.   Caregivers work 8 hours a day, with three in a rotation for every 24 hours.
Fuling Social Welfare Institute Director Yang Peishu holds new Fuling International Daughter Carly Briggs (Fu Hui Yan).
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Fuling Family
Photo Exchange

This online photo service shows
many photos of Fuling and the Chongqing Fuling SWI/Lily Orphan Care Center.  It is for families who have adopted or received referrals for children from the Fuling SWI, with the purpose of providing precious information for our kids. 
Thank you to the families who have donated photos!
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