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Our LAST Update of the online version of this album will be Fall, 2013.  At that point it will be color printed, bound and hand delivered to the orphanage staff.  The copy will be kept in the archives room at the orphanage and available for staff and kids to view.  After that we will switch to a PDF format and it will no longer be viewable online but it will be available to Fuling adoptive families and kids.  We will print it at intervals to deliver to the orphanage.

Deadline to send in a new photo or update an existing one for this update:  November 2, 2013.

Please specify which page your child is on and Chinese name when you send in the photo.

Send to: kathlene@fulingkids.org



Natalee De Jie
Fu De Jie

Mya Fu Shun
Fu De Shun






The Fulingers
Children Who Share Fuling, Chongqing as Their Chinese Hometown


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Lily Zhen
Fu De Zhen

Fu De Fu

   Ariella Harmony
Fu De Hang


The Original Fuling 7

These 7 girls joined their happy families in the U.S. in February, 2001. They were the first group of children adopted internationally from Fuling.  Since then hundreds of wonderful Fulingers have joined their families around the world. This album celebrates all the Fuling sisters and brothers and their ties to each other.

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Chessie Fuying
Fu De Ying

Sofia Fuling
Fu De Hui




Include or update your Fuling Star's photo in the Fulingers' Album!  Send her or his photo as a jpeg to
Kathlene at webmom@fulingkids.org  If your child is already in the album, be sure to include the page number!

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